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The Real Reason Why Progressives “HATE!” President Donald Trump

The real reason why Progressives “HATE!” President Donald Trump?

It’s because Trump’s against-all-odds survival in the political hatefest against him shows clearly how pathetically powerless Progressives really are.

Nothing they have thrown at him ever sticks.

Using ageing, past due date Hollywood stars and entertainment celebrities to try to frame the president as a “misogynist,”, a “racist”, “homophobe” , “White Supremacist”, a “mentally unfit”  “orange” man who lives to keep children in cages, yada, yada, yada, Trump is not only still out there drawing supporters to rallies by the tens of thousands—he’s running for re-election—with no real competition in sight.

The tiresome “HATE!”, “HATE!””, “HATE!” of the Progressives is now running Hollow, Hollow, Hollow.

While they’re heaping on the hate, trying Marxist-fashion to project it back on America’s duly elected 45th, increasing numbers of deplorables are starting to see Desperado Dems and friends for who they really are.

Prime example: Progressive incumbents never dropped movie mogul Harvey Weinstein or child trafficker Jeff Epstein from their social circles until they were charged for their despicable crimes.

In fact, some of their leaders (Clintons and Obamas) banked Weinstein’s campaign donations and hung out with him.

Bill Clinton was so close to Epstein that Epstein kept a ‘portrait’ of him sporting a blue dress and red high heels in plain view at his New York mansion—just for kicks.

The Obamas’ new career as Netflix movie makers was spawned , albeit indirectly, by Harvey Weinstein, via directly from their eldest daughter Malia who worked for him in New York…

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