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The Real “Rooting-for-Direct-Hit-On-Mar-a-Lago” Kim Campbell

For the record: Big, multi—time loser Kim Campbell—who made the cringeworthy comment :”I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar-a-Lago!” on Twitter before later deleting the tweet —lost her own seat in a humiliating 1993 federal election wipeout that saw her majority ruling Progressive Conservative Party shrink from 154 seats to two seats— losing official party status in the bargain.

In most mainstream media stories about the outrageous Mar-a-Lago Tweet, Campbell is described only as “Canada’ ex-prime minister”.  Few mention that she was only ever Canada’s PM for the sum total of 123 days.—and was really only PM when the House of Commons was on summer recess.

In reality, Campbell wasn’t voted in as prime minister, but only arrived there by circumstantial quirk.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney announced his retirement early in 1993, triggering a leadership convention in June, 1993. Campbell, best known for a controversial photo in which she left the impression she was naked posing behind her judicial robes, won on the second ballot, defeating Jean Charest.

“When she succeeded Mulroney as prime minister on June 25, 1993, there were only two months left in the five-year term of the 34th Canadian Parliament, which had been elected in 1988. Campbell was required to call a general election quickly. The election was a disaster for the Progressive Conservative party: they went from a solid majority in the Commons to only two seats. Under the rules of the House of Commons, the Progressive Conservatives did not have enough seats for official party status. It was the worst loss for a federal government in Canadian history.” (Wikipedia)

“”Prior to entering federal politics, Campbell had been on the Vancouver School Board, and then a member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, elected as a member of the Social Credit Party of British Columbia. In 1986, she entered the leadership race for the Social Credit party, but came in last on the first ballot and was eliminated.”


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