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The Root Of All Disease: Natural Protocols That Reverse The Root Causes Of Post-COVID Autoimmunity And Cancer (Video & Free Ebook)

By Tim Brown

On Monday, I told you about the rapid rate of increase in aggressive cancers in those following their fraudulent “safe and effective” COVID shots.  Keep in mind that at the root of any disease is what you are taking into your body.  This is why investigative journalist Jonathan Otto’s new series Cancer Secrets is going to be one of the biggest health esposés yet, and why he’s offering a free ebook titled The Root of All Disease: Natural Protocols that Reverse the Root Causes of Post-COVID Autoimmunity and Cancer.

According to Otto:

Harvard says: 63% of all deaths worldwide…
Stem from cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and more!
These numbers are only increasing…
And NOW is the best time to combat it using natural protocols!

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