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The Significance of Ukraine

By M. E. Boyd

Some observers think that the United States has committed acts of war against Russia through sanctions, provisions of war materiel, and intelligence and that we are, therefore, partly responsible if Russia is “driven” to attack us with nuclear weapons. This is not true. That we are involved in the defense of Ukraine does not make us guilty of acts of war.

The United States signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994, along with Great Britain and Russia, guaranteeing the sovereignty of Ukraine after she left the Soviet Union in 1991. In this Agreement, Russia acknowledged Ukraine as a separate nation. Her defense was promised by all three parties.

In 2014 and then 2015, the Minsk Accords were signed to help end the separatist war in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine as negotiated by the Russians. The Accords included “withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, equipment, and mercenaries.” Russia now claims the Minsk Accords do not exist. Russia now claims that Ukraine was to have “symbolic” not actual sovereignty…

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