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By: Brendi Wells

The Hidden Truth: Israel’s Sinister Scheme Revealed!

In a groundbreaking revelation, it has become apparent that Hamas was orchestrated by Israel as its clandestine “military arm” in a grand plot to instigate a global conflict. Observers suggest that a significant landmark in Israel, Temple Mount, could be at risk, with war as a mere façade to destroy it and erect the Jewish Temple to herald their Jewish Mashiach.

Hamas, the Zionist bogeyman, is in reality a Zionist corporation registered in Israel in 1978. According to ICT papers, Hamas was legally registered in Israel in 1978 under the auspices of Menachem Begin and by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a political disciple of Hassan Al-Bana, puppet founder of Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an equally Zionist organization whose own origins were directly and fully funded by the Rothschilds Suez Canal Company from 1928 Both organizations have masqueraded as “Islamic”. Muslim Brotherhood continues to do so.

Hamas was massively and directly funded by Israel from its inception at least until 2012, and thereafter through Qatar: It initially widened its base of supporters and sympathizers by “social work” designed to win hearts, and continues to act for Israel as an excuse for Israel to bomb Gaza, test and showcase its weapons, and hold Gazans as blockaded prisoners in and concentration camp.

It’s evident that this is a recurring strategy by socialist entities to legitimize war, create division, and foster unrest. The innocent citizens of these regions are the unfortunate pawns in this twisted power play.

In Conclusion, Our investigations reveal shocking details:

  • Israel’s Corporate Shenanigans: Israel was documented as a Corporation in 1948 with its address in London UK. Curiously, this registration expires on October 31st, 2023. The recent documentation filed in February 2023 for a “New State of Israel” can be found here.
  • Hamas’s Shady Origins: Contrary to popular belief, Hamas isn’t the rebel group it poses as. Established in 1978, it was registered right in the heart of Israel under the guidance of Menachem Begin and by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a political disciple of Hassan Al-Bana, puppet founder of Muslim Brotherhood.

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