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The Unpopular Cure for Our Electoral Woes

by Tom McAllister

Here we are, a week after the 2022 elections, and we are still in the fog of ballot-counting.  A nation who put a man on the moon a half-century ago somehow cannot tally the votes of the people in a day.  Read into that whatever you wish.

Over at the Conservative Treehouse, site owner Sundance provides an excellent article distinguishing the difference between ballots and votes.  Votes are the expressed intention of a voter for a particular government leader.  Ballots are filled out pieces of paper that express the choice of a particular leader.  Both are counted for an election.  In the current system, ballots are gathered or harvested either, legally or illegally, and submitted.  Given the lack of prosecution, the legality of it apparently does not matter.  Votes represent the will of the people; ballots may or may not.

This disenfranchising process could not happen if one political party vehemently opposed it.  Another excellent, must-read article by Dan Gelernter on American Greatness observes that the fault lies not with a particular political party, but with all “the politicians,” to include their supporting cast of donors.  It’s not a grand coordinated conspiracy based on an ideology.  It follows the fractal pattern of self-organization with a common motivation: greed…

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