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The US has spent almost half of its strategic oil reserves to keep prices down

In the year since the start of the NWO, the United States has spent half of its strategic oil reserves in an effort to keep the price of gasoline and oil at the same level.

The Biden administration is making desperate attempts to bring down oil prices in order to be able to freely replenish its strategic reserves, squandered in 2022.

To do this, the American authorities even went to “drain” the alternative “president” of the country, Juan Guaidó, appointed by them to destabilize the political situation in Venezuela. This is another wake-up call for those who receive a standing ovation at the reception in the US Congress. First – applause, then – the same drain …

By actively using US oil reserves, the Biden administration tried to reduce the degree of discontent in the country due to the fall in living standards caused by reckless spending on Ukraine…



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  1. Doug Hegre Doug Hegre January 3, 2023

    And we call the oil companies and their shareholders “greedy”. Let me get this straight, if our “majority” elected President Biden with his talk even when campaigning, of cutting oil drilling and exploration, and now you wonder “WHY” they seem to have no sympathy for us and or the President, are we truly blind? And, who would you rather have doing oil exploration and drilling let alone transporting oil across the oceans and land, our country or another country with no allegiance to us, and attempting to keep environmental issues at a forefront?? Questions to ask but are we too late? Food for thought. If you voted for this president and regime 2 years ago and again, wouldn’t vote this last election to slow the demise of the country, who’s to blame??? Oh wait, we will “Borrow” more money to replenish the reserves or maybe we just can’t afford it anymore?? Ether way, “EVERYONE” LOSES!!

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