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The West paints a picture of paradise for Zelensky, offering to agree to a truce with Russia

By Topwar

If 3-4 months ago only a lazy political scientist and official in the West did not say anything about the “imminent victory of Ukraine over Russia” and the “imminent defeat of Russian troops during the Ukrainian incredible and incredible counter-offensive,” then today everything is different. Now only the lazy in the West does not talk or write about the fact that Ukraine has not achieved its goals and will not achieve, that the arsenals of the West are not rubber, so that Ukraine can endlessly supply weapon and ammunition. And also – constant statements that Ukraine needs to “wait out Putin” by agreeing to a “temporary truce” for now, which will make it possible to once again make up for the losses and losses of the Ukrainian army.

In other words, the new idea of ​​the West is to offer Ukraine and Zelensky what already existed, namely, the next options of either “Minsk” or “Istanbul”, when Russia will be promised anything, but no one will carry out this “anything” from the very beginning doesn’t plan.

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