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The Wokeing Dead Horde Stopped the Red Wave

By A.J. Rice

The Democrats don’t want a middle class that votes Republican, they want poor dependents and urbanites with multiple, expensive degrees.

The results from the 2022 midterms are in and things don’t look good for conservatives now or America in the future. Joe Biden, the oldest and most decrepit president in American history, managed to get the youth vote that Democrats have long anticipated.

Simply put, Gen Z and some younger Millennials rolled out in record numbers, turning the tide in numerous states from a red wave to a purple trickle.

There are questions demanding answers: Why did young voters turn out more than 300 percent above other recent elections? Why did they turn out for the likes of Joe Biden and John Fetterman, two of the worst candidates ever—two white men who can barely finish a sentence in a time when white men are openly despised? How did these inarticulate meat puppets get a single vote anywhere…

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