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The (Zionist) US Empire is Disintegrating

By Jonas E. Alexis


America’s Government is on the war-path and has been since 1945, in the name of ‘freedom, democracy, and human rights’ but lying all the way and now getting too close to the precipice of WW III.

In order to understand why, the nature of imperialism, and thus of all empires, needs first to be explained (especially because almost no one knows about this):

Whereas a merely domestic dictatorship is no danger to other nations, an international dictatorship — or “empire” — is a danger to other nations, because every empire (i.e., each of the individuals who actually control it) craves to increase or expand its (their) control, and because this imperialistic craving is or ought to be part of the very definition of “empire” because every empire is built in that way (insatiable desire for growth), and also because any empire is heading for extinction to the extent that it quits this aspiration and abandons any area that it formerly did control.

The difference between the regime of Franco in Spain, and the regime of Hitler in Germany, that necessitated a World War (specifically WW II) in order for other nations to protect themselves from Hitler’s fascism but not from Franco’s fascism, was precisely that Hitler’s was imperialistic and Franco’s was not. If Hitler and Hirohito and Mussolini had not been imperialistic, then there would have been no WW II.

(The public in every nation were opposed to entering war against the imperialistic fascists but ultimately only the most rigid fools could any longer deny that the only alternative to war against the imperialistic fascists would be surrender to them — and so there was WW II. Isolationism and preaching ‘peace’ in the face of imperialists is short-sighted foolishness. That foolishness ends by being invaded: by means of subversion, sanctions, coup, and/or military action.) There can be no peace with an empire, unless it’s an expired one. Empires are the very engines of war, and of nearly constant war.





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