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There Is No Equivalency Between ‘Convicted Felons’ Donald Trump and Hunter Biden


At a cursory glance, they seem like two peas in a pod or two nuts in a shell – or, perhaps, two inmates in a cell: “convicted felons” Donald Trump and first son Hunter Biden.

The Democrats cannot win in November if the American public believes they’ve unethically weaponized the judiciary against their political opponents, which was why Hunter Biden’s conviction was – for the Left – a godsend: a sacrificial lamb miraculously trapped in a thornbush. It allowed Democrats to argue that the judiciary must be even-handed, apolitical, and totally fair. “See, we didn’t only target Trump. The President’s son wasn’t spared either! Hunter Biden’s conviction proves that justice is blind.”

The GOP must proactively dismantle this argument, or they’ll fail to capture the post-felony messaging: Trump’s convictions mean nothing because they’re the end result of a weaponized, politically biased judiciary that’s wielded by liberal hacks, cronies, and anti-MAGA activists. Republicans cannot win the PR war if the Hunter Biden-Donald Trump convictions are perceived as (more or less) equivalent.

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