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“They Just Made President Trump A Folk Hero!”


I can’t believe they took the bait.

I really can’t.

I actually thought they wised up and backed off the Indictment when they realized how badly it was going to backfire.

But then again, no one ever called these people smart.

Evil, yes.

Cunning, yes.

But not smart.

And perhaps it’s both a lack of smarts combined with being backed into a corner.

They know their scam is almost up and the counterpunch is going to be epic — going to take them down.

So maybe they felt they had no other option.

Either way, Greg Gutfeld says they officially just turned Trump into a folk hero.

And he’s right.

“That’s why Bragg did it, right?” Gutfeld said. “He’s such an incompetent boob…basically it’s one party hunting another. The risk is, they just made this guy bigger than politics. He is officially gonna be a folk hero, bigger than politics. He is officially going to be a folk hero.

“He’s going to be a political prisoner being prosecuted over politics,” Gutfeld continued. “And what they did, and I don’t know if they realized what they did, they proved him right. He said they were out to get him.”



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One Comment

  1. James Scanlon James Scanlon March 30, 2023

    I think the people of New York State need a wake up call of what this adventure in political grandstanding is going to cost. This is not a traveling event covered by his campaign or his residence. Cost of security will be born by the State. Millions of dollars for Secret Service and police coverage. The route to the event will need to be cleared. The building he has to report to will need everyone who is there to get security cleared or they will need to evacuated. Bomb checks ahead of the visit. Airport will need to be shutdown and evacuated for the jet. (Note that President Trump events happen at rural or minor airports.) Super Bowl ads will be cheap compared to the few minutes of TV time this “show” will cost.

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