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This House Democrat Says She Fights for Women. As a Prosecutor, She Let Rapists Walk Free.

by Josh Christenson

Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D., Va.) says she’s worked tirelessly in Congress as a defender of abused women. But as a county prosecutor, Wexton went easy on rapists.

While serving as a Loudoun County prosecutor in 2001, Wexton had two rapists plead to misdemeanors, letting them walk after just months in prison, according to court records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. One man was charged with raping a woman four times in the same day. The other, an illegal immigrant, abducted his female victim and forced her into the woods before raping her. Under Virginia law, the men were eligible to serve at minimum five years in prison for each rape. According to Andrew Kersey, a former prosecutor who served in Fairfax County around the same time as Wexton, these plea agreements were unusually lenient.

“There were times I resolved a rape charge as a misdemeanor sexual battery charge with time served. But it was rare,” Kersey told the Free Beacon. “That suggests a prosecutor who was reluctant to fight tough but serious cases before a jury.”…

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