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This Isn’t Normal: Kansas And Oklahoma Have Been Hit By 65 Earthquakes Within The Last 7 Days by Michael Snyder

What are we supposed to think when rather large earthquakes start happening in places that aren’t supposed to have large earthquakes?  2019 has been quite a year for seismic activity already, and I understand that we should expect to see earthquakes in diverse places, but if someone told me that the U.S. was just hit by a significant quake one of the last places that I would check would be Kansas.  The state of Kansas is certainly known for a lot of things, but earthquakes are not one of them, and that is why what we just witnessed is so startling.  According to the Kansas City Star, one county in central Kansas alone has been hit by 11 quakes within the past five days…

A county in central Kansas experienced a pretty shocking uptick in seismic activity last week — 11 earthquakes in five days.

It started with a magnitude-2.4 earthquake Wednesday morning just 2 1/2 miles southwest of Hutchinson, Kansas, in Reno County, according to the United States Geological Survey.

There would be 10 more before the week was out.

The biggest one of the group hit on Friday morning.  It was originally reported to be a magnitude 4.2 quake, but it was later downgraded to magnitude 4.1.

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  1. Methos Methos August 19, 2019

    Apparently this author has not been paying attention. I live here and have been keeping up with the earthquakes for YEARS using an Earthquake Alert app. I can tell you from experience the quakes have been blamed on fracking. There has been some adjustments to the fracking business and this has resulted in FEWER quakes. Every once in a while, our local news will talk about some quake when there is a slow news day and ignore others when there is actually something to talk about in the news. So, this isn’t anything new and the number of quakes has been reduced. This author might try to do a little research before his next article.

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