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TikTok Threatens To Censor “Let’s Go Brandon” Song For “Harassment And Bullying”

By Tyler Durden

A popular new song containing the viral anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme faces potential removal by TikTok for “harassment and bullying.”

Yes, really.

After the track by rapper Loza Alexander soared up the Apple Music Hip Hop and Rap chart over the weekend, it also began to go viral on TikTok, receiving over 500,000 likes.

That’s when the thought police stepped in.

“Tik Tok has threatened to remove my #letsgobrandon viral video that is approaching the number one spot on iTunes top us hip hop records! Tik Tok is claiming that I’m bullying? But how???” asked Alexander.

The message from TikTok says that the song is being investigated for the “content violation” of containing “harassment and bullying.”

Apparently, the new social media benchmark for “bullying” is making fun of the president.

In enforcing such a rule, TikTok is merely mirroring its Communist Chinese censorship system, which also blocks content that lambastes or ridicules President Xi Jinping.

Hear ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ via the video below.

* * *
ZH: Meanwhile, Alexander has uploaded several videos of the #letsgobrandonchallenge where people dance, or just look hot, to his viral song.

One Comment

  1. Joe labreche Joe labreche October 20, 2021

    To hell with what tick tock thinks or whatever they threaten. Are you people not sick and tired of being intimidated and censored yet ?!?!

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