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Time to Spank the IRS

By Ned Ryun


The days of IRS waste, fraud, and abuse must begin to come to an end. 

Politico, the mouthpiece of the administrative state, on Friday reported this shocker: With the debt ceiling deal done, the Internal Revenue Service, which lost $21.4 billion in funding, fears it will be cut even further. It seems the agency that for decades has thrived on bullying the taxpayers for whom they work is afraid it will be similarly bullied for what IRS staffers feel is their lunch money.

To which I say, “Heck, yeah!”

Beyond the FBI, CIA, NSA, and any other national intelligence agency that either colluded with or was duped by Russia in the Russiagate scandal, no other federal agency deserves to have its budget, staffing, and overall existence more eviscerated than the IRS.

This is not simply about tax policy. This is about the classic triumvirate that represents why so many Americans hate Washington: the triplets of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse…



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