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To Fight White Supremacy, San Francisco Eyes Paying Each Qualifying Black Resident $5 Million

By Alex Parker 


Does San Francisco have a surplus of, say, five million dollars times the number of black residents? If not, some major transference of income will soon have to occur — if one committee’s direction is followed.

The San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee (SFAARAC) has proposed a solution to the city’s racial inequity. It’s been poised to pummel the problem — the group was launched in 2020 under the banner of the human rights commission. According to CNN, it was assigned a very specific task: “to develop a plan that would address ‘the institutional, city-sanctioned harm that has been inflicted upon African American communities.’”

The city received a 60-page proposal from SFAARAC in late December. In June, a final report will be submitted along with the input from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.





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