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Today’s Brief: Barbecue Russian Style

by Jack Heart

People keep asking for footage from the trenches, well here it is. Click the link to citation 4 the footage Johnson has of the Russians incinerating 3 Ukranian columns is anathema in the West and hasn’t even been reported – Jack 

Steve Bannon’s War Room is reporting that Italy’s government shall not last another twenty-four hours. Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that he will tender his resignation Thursday night. Others are reporting on social media that millions of Italians are in the street actively hunting their globalist tormentors who had been impersonating politicians. Draghi, who much like the Biden mess, has not been elected but installed. He will no doubt be making his escape in Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko’s five hundred- and seventy-eight-million-dollar yacht which Italy seized a few months ago along with another seven hundred and sixty-three million in assets belonging to Russian citizens.

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