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Tony Buzbee Discusses Background of Sham Impeachment Effort Against AG Ken Paxton

By Sundance 


Do not let it escape your notice that not a single professional Republican entity has stood up to show their support for Texas AG Ken Paxton or congratulate him on the clear and decisive impeachment victory against the corrupt UniParty system in the Lone Star state.  Not a word from The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), or any other professional Republican group.

Instead, only President Donald Trump and the overwhelming majority of the MAGA base have stood strong with Paxton – before, during and after the smear campaign to remove him.  Keep this BIG UGLY data point in mind. On the federal side, with Obama-Biden flooding the border with illegal aliens, Ken Paxton was considered a threat from both the White House and the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott.

This weekend, Ken Paxton’s awesome attorney, Tony Buzbee, appeared for a Fox News interview, after the impeachment trial, to discuss the background motives and issues that led to the ridiculous effort…


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