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Toxic Chemicals Used to Make Plastics Found in Many OTC Medications

By Vance Voetberg


Humans often struggle to comprehend the impact of unseen factors on our health. For example, while we are aware of the detrimental effects of processed food due to its visible consequences, we often underestimate the impact of countless imperceptible elements in our daily lives.

One group of such substances is manmade chemicals, such as phthalates, which significantly influence our overall well-being. Phthalates are frequently used to enhance the durability of plastics and are commonly present in various household and personal care products such as shampoo, hair sprays, and laundry detergent.

What remains relatively unknown is that phthalates serve as a common ingredient in numerous easily accessible pharmaceutical drugs. This raises concerns about the potential risks associated with exposure to phthalates, as they have been linked to various health issues, including reproductive and developmental problems, hormonal disruptions, and even certain types of cancer…



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