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Trans Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After Allegedly Choking Out Female Teammate Who Made “Transphobic Remarks”

By Amber Crawford


A transgender cheerleader has been kicked out of a Texas college cheerleading camp after allegedly attacking a female teammate who she claims called her a “man with a penis.”

On the night of July 21, Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, was cited with criminal assault by physical contact after she was accused of choking out a 17-year-old teammate, Karleigh, who allegedly made ‘transphobic remarks’ towards her.

After the physical attack, Karleigh and the other teammates locked themselves in a locker room to hide from Medlock while police were called to the scene. In the meantime, Medlock recorded a video of herself talking to the teammates – a video which she claims proves that she was not violent towards anyone. However, this video was taken while the girls were hiding in the locker room, and therefore took place after the suspected altercation.



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