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Truck Driver Leaves California For The Sake Of Her Business

By USA First Reporting

When California’s regulations threatened to shut down Dee Sova’s trucking business, she had no choice but to hit the road in search of less demanding terrain. Her motivational tale serves as a reminder that perseverance and entrepreneurship can both survive even the most challenging environments.

Effectively, California’s AB5 legislation, which was passed in 2020, makes it difficult to work as an independent truck driver there. Sova claims that lawmakers intended to force truckers to “revert back” and work as business drivers or to “leave the state.”

“At that time, [lawmakers] were saying that anyone who was an independent contractor had to revert back to becoming a company driver, or had to leave the state. It was clear that my decision was I wanted to remain as an independent contractor, and I made the choice to leave,” Sova explained on “Varney & Co.”

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