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Trump Exposed the Rot and Fraud of the Elites

By Amil Imani


President Donald Trump’s political tenure was marked by fervent support and vehement opposition. However, beneath the surface of political disagreements, it becomes evident that he exposed adversaries lurking within the government and media who now actively conspire to sideline him. These adversaries, threatened by Trump’s policies and America-first commitment, are tirelessly working to diminish his influence and thwart his legacy.

During and after the Trump administration, some individuals and groups could be labeled as “enemies within” of the President. They represented political opponents and potential threats to President Trump’s vision for America. Their actions included vocal criticism of the President’s decisions, alleged leaks of sensitive information to the media, and behind-the-scenes maneuvers aimed at obstructing or undermining his policy agenda.

President Trump pointed fingers at those he perceived as threats to his administration. Among these adversaries were the “deep state,” influential figures in the media, and Democrats in Congress. They formed part of a vast network determined to dismantle his America-first agenda…


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