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Trump holds hands with India’s PM Modi and receives his full-throated endorsement at huge 50,0000-strong Houston rally as President goes after Indian-American vote

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lavish Donald Trump with praise during a massive rally-like event in Houston Sunday
  • ‘I admire him,’ Modi said to an audience of mostly Indian-Americans waving both Indian and American flags
  • The event happens as Trump is vying to earn more support from Indian-American voters in 2020
  • He reciprocated the vibe, lauding Modi for his tough stance on border, especially in regards to the Kashmir region
  • Kashmir has been disputed between between India, Pakistan and China for decades and Modi put in place hard-line policies to help secure its borders there
  • Trump said he might visit India for an unschedule trip to watch the NBC play its first ever game in India next month

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued an enthusiastic endorsement of Donald Trump on Sunday, and lauded their ‘chemistry,’ as he seeks more support from Indian-American voters.

During one of Trump’s largest rallies to date, which was dubbed ‘Howdy, Modi!’ and included about 50,000 attendees, the Indian leader made his support of the incumbent president very clear, giving kudos on a strong economy, good foreign relation initiatives and the president’s celebration of Diwali in the White House.

Modi said Trump has always been friendly, warm and accessible – words with which not many other world leaders have used to describe this president.

‘I admire him for something more: his sense of liberty, his passion for America, a belief in American future and a strong resolve to make American great again,’ Modi celebrated, invoking the president’s 2016 campaign slogan.




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