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Trump Plans To Fire Over 50,000 SWAMP Creatures Using SCHEDULE F

by Anthony T

Trump is planning to completely drain the swamp in his second term.

Multiple reports have stated that in 2024 Trump plans to fire over 50,000 government employees across several agencies.

Most of the jobs that would be eliminated would be stemmed from the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies.

The Executive Order is rumored to be called Schedule F and Trump previously enacted Schedule F in 2020 right before the election but it never went into effect due to Biden rescinding it…

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  1. Duncan+Adams Duncan+Adams July 26, 2022

    Question … what did JFK do in the months prior to being assassinated – He signed and executive . order to put the creation of currency BACK to the Treasury Dep. away from the federal Reserve AND he said he was going to dismantle the CIA ( Bay of Pigs payback ) and then he got whacked in the head .
    Do the math on that and what Trump is wanting to do ….

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