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Trump Sends ‘Morning Joe’ Host Spiraling Over ‘Fort Al Sharpton’ Remark



Presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sent MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spiraling Monday morning over his “Fort Al Sharpton” remark at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference.

Trump took the stage to address evangelicals and faith-minded voters Saturday in Washington, D.C., where he joked that the “transition name” for U.S. Army bases is always something like “Fort Al Sharpton.” Scarborough went on a rant over the mention of his “Morning Joe” colleague.

“‘They’re sick?’ They’re sick! No, they don’t like losers. They don’t like losers, Donald. I know you like losers. You like losing. You’ve lost seven years in a row,” Scarborough scolded. “I don’t know if you know, but because of you, your party lost in 2017. Your party lost in 2018. Your party lost in 2019. Your party lost in 2020. Your party lost in 2021. Your party lost in 2022. Your party lost in 2023. If the past is prologue, your party’s gonna lose in 2024.”

“So yeah, there are a lot of people in the south. Southerners like myself. We don’t really like naming forts after losers. That’s not ‘transitioning.’ That’s like, we don’t wanna name forts after American patriots who win wars. Donald, maybe you should see the beginning of Patton,” Scarborough said.

The “Morning Joe” host said U.S. Army bases should not be named after “some loser who tried to overthrow the federal government so slavery can continue another 100 years.”

“So, you wanna name forts after losers? After Confederate soldiers? Confederate generals that rebelled against the United States of America? That’s you,” Scarborough said before Rev. Al Sharpton appeared on the right side of the screen…


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