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Trump to Newsmax: Will Do ‘Something About Big Tech’ Next Week

by Sandy Fitzgerald


Former President Donald Trump Friday teased on Newsmax that he’ll do “something about Big Tech” next week, but didn’t specify what that action could involve.

“Well watch next week because you’ll see me do something about Big Tech and people have wanted me to do it a long time, and it won’t be too surprising,” Trump told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” after he was asked if he thinks it’s time to break up tech companies.

“They don’t love me to talk about it early but watch what I do next week on Big Tech,” he added. “I think you’ll find it to be very interesting.”

In an interview last month, Trump told Newsmax that he supports states that take on Big Tech censorship since congressional Democrats aren’t willing to tackle the problem.

The former president was de-platformed by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Facebook’s independent board recently upheld his ban for a few months longer, but Twitter has said its ban is permanent.

He said on Friday that “something harsh has to take place when they can censor conservative voices.”

“Look at me,” he continued. “I had hundreds of millions of followers. Okay, number one on Facebook.”

He also reiterated claims about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who he said “couldn’t have been nicer” when they had dinner at the White House, but then used “$500 million” in “lockboxes” and that “should be illegal.”

NPR reported after the election that Zuckerberg invested $350 million in the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a nonprofit that helps local election offices deal with the influx of mail-in ballots and drop boxes. The local requests for grants were focused on “increased pay for poll workers, expanded early voting sites and extra equipment to more quickly process millions of mailed ballots.”

But Trump on Friday said that the lockboxes would “come in oftentimes very late” and then there would be “97% of the vote for Biden and 3% of the vote for Trump. I’m surprised they gave us three. That was, again, the most corrupt election in history. But what he did there, I think, should be illegal. You know, you’re allowed to give $5,700. He gave $500 million. Gave it through different ways, right? Right but that’s legal. Well, I know they did it with lockboxes.”


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  1. JOHN W JOHN W June 26, 2021

    Some of these big “Tech” Monopoly’s just might become “Small” Tech Minions! When the law drops the hammer on Election Fraud Contributions and “Pay to Play” Fixers, and Election “tampering” could get very interesting! Not sure I would want to own any Stock in those Company’s? Surprise, surprise!

  2. Herr Dougie Herr Dougie June 26, 2021

    That would have to be a set of strategic lawsuits centered around both the effected slander and/or unlawful laundered finances to those subversive non-profits whereas bypassing election laws. What we need is seeing seeing auctioneers on certain lawns bidding off various respondent’s assets.

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