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Trump Warns With Mail-In Voting, Pelosi Could Be President


As the Democratic National Convention wrapped up, there was an obvious focus on Joe Biden’s character as a person. President Trump, who is running against Biden, pointed to this tactic as effective, saying Biden is “more likable,” than his former running mate, Hillary Clinton. He did, however, say Clinton was “much smarter.”  Trump then continued, “Maybe I’d rather have the smarter person. Who cares about personality?”  President Trump spoke to a group of conservative leaders at the annual meeting for the Council for National Policy at the Ritz-Carlton in Virginia. He said “where Joe Biden sees American darkness, I see American greatness.” Trump also said that the DNC was “the darkest and gloomiest” in convention history, and that this “is the biggest election coming up of our lifetime.” Trump also brought up that Biden never brought up law enforcement, and that China would own our country if Biden is elected.

During his speech, he brought up one of the main campaign concerns for both parties this election cycle, and that is the issue of mail-in voting. Trump propelled the theory that the Democrats are pushing for mail-in voting in order to create chaos, as the election results could be contested. Trump said the Democrats are pushing for mail-in voting, and that “there’s a theory Crazy Nancy Pelosi would become president.” Trump said that he “doesn’t know if its a theory or a fact but I said that’s not good.” He continued that “They all think I’m trying to steal the election. Just the opposite, I want the fair results of the elections.”

President Trump is alluding to the potential scenario that if verified election results do not come in by January 20th, the sitting-president is forced to leave office anyway. In this case, the next in line would be Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  While mail-in voting has been done in some states, like Washington, it has never been done on a national scale. President Trump is obviously anxious about the process, as are Democrats. This type of election is unprecedented, and marred with a lot of constitutional law problems. Pelosi, however, has said there is a “process” if the sitting-president does not want to leave the White House.


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