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Trust Me — DOCTOR Jill Biden Has Already Worked Out a Modified ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Plan


A favorite parlor game among American political junkies in 2024 is guessing just how and when the Democrats will “help” Joe Biden make a graceful exit from the presidential race. The guy can’t walk 10 feet to a podium without committing dozens of mental and physical faux pas along the way, so it isn’t a stretch to think that November must seem like a century away to those who have to measure time in Biden years.

Before I launch into this, I will issue my standard Election 2024 disclaimer. I have no special powers of prognostication when it comes to politics here in the Republic; anything can happen in these acid-trip, topsy-turvy times. My commentary arsenal consists solely of guesses based on 40 years of observation as a political activist.

Regular readers of mine know that I have been swimming upstream against the current of popular “replace Biden” conservative opinion, particularly the idea that Gavin Newsom will somehow be placed atop a unicorn and delivered magically to the ticket. As I’ve repeatedly written, there are way too many moving parts involved with removing the present vice president of the United States from the board.

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