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Tucker’s Not Wrong, But It’s Way Worse

By Sundance

Tucker Carlson discussing the collective DC system (both parties) to fund the Ukraine proxy war against Russia.  For the sake of brevity, Tucker is not wrong – but the motive is way worse and far more nefariously connected to our domestic situation than he can outline. {Direct Rumble Link}

I can speak authoritatively about this because I have firsthand knowledge.  Additionally, in response to a prior comment, I shared my opinion the State Dept travel advisories over the past two years are not -generally speaking- about U.S. travel security; those advisories are to keep us as caged birds without information.

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One Comment

  1. Jane Doe Jane Doe December 26, 2023

    And I have! And I have “firsthand knowledge”!


    dated October 10, 2023 No. 2761-r

    To approve the attached amendments to the list of agricultural products, the production, primary and subsequent (industrial) processing of which is carried out by agricultural producers, as well as scientific organizations, professional educational organizations, educational institutions of higher education in the course of their scientific, scientific-technical and (or) educational activities…

    1. After the entry classified by code, add the following entries:

    “ Products of the black soldier fly Black Soldier Fly Larval Fats Finely ground flour from black soldier fly Coarse flour from black soldier fly Granules from the larvae of the black soldier fly Puree of black fly larvae, chilled or frozen Other products of black soldier fly.”

    2. After the entry classified by code, add the following entry:

    “ Black Soldier Fly”.

    3. After the entry classified by code, add the following entries:

    “ Eggs of the black soldier fly Larvae of the black soldier fly, live, chilled, frozen.”

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