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Twitter Under Fire For Ignoring Its Trust And Safety Council

Members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council are accusing the platform of excluding them from the company’s policy changes.

The Wire published a letter from Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council members demanding Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey address the lack of communication.

“There have been no advance heads-up of Twitter’s policy or product changes to the council, leaving many of us to have no prior warning or let alone knowledge when answering press and media inquiries,” the letter states. “This is embarrassing.”

The authors claim they went months without updates from the tech giant and were frequently unable to reach their contacts at the company.

The Trust and Safety Council was formed in 2016 to “ to ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter,” according to a Twitter blog post. Its members are not employees of Twitter, but a group of safety advocates, community groups, and researchers the company collaborates with to help curb problems like hate speech and harassment that have plagued its platform for years. The council is comprised of approximately 40 organizations and more than a dozen experts from around the world.


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