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By TruNews Team

U.S. Ruling Class Struggles to Cover Up Hunter Biden’s Child Rapes and Joe Biden’s Treason.

Today on TruNews we discuss the latest evidence from Joe Biden’s devilish dealings with Communist China, including a confirmation of the allegations from the man chosen to run one of their rackets, Tony Bubilinskj, and an email from Jim Biden marking top democratic officials like Senator Kamala Harris as prime targets to become agents for treason.

We also address the claims that three former CCP officials betrayed President Xi Jinping and mailed three hard drives to the DOJ and Nancy Pelosi with Hunter’s sex tape torturing kids, Xi and his deputies’ financial records, and evidence of a “CCP Bioweapon.” Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall.

Airdate 10/22/2020

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  1. Grannie Annie Grannie Annie March 16, 2021

    Warning – I am a Christian and used to watch and listen to Rick Wiles… and do not trust him with a ten foot pole… I am 80 coming up and consider myself wise. What Rick Wiles says and does about Israel is shocking and his followers are not nice at all in their remarks about those who love Israel… He is one who should of been censored. Also Christianity Today Magazine started by Billy Graham is not what it used to be either… what they said about Trump and rebuked by Franklin Graham, say his father would of been annoyed at what they have become… just so you are aware of spreading news from these sources.
    I consider Rick the “wiles of the devil” in which the armor of God protects us members from… Love your programs and guests.
    Thanks for listening…

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