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“UFO” Is Trending and Dominating The News Right Now…Here’s What Comes Next!


About 8 years ago, I started telling friends and family and eventually all of you that an Alien Invasion was coming.

A “fake” one, but still it would be all over the news.

I told everyone don’t be surprised if you start to see “UFO” all over the news one day, and don’t be alarmed when it’s not just some “weather balloon” but when they start saying UFO + Aliens together.

I told everyone it was coming in our lifetime and probably sooner than you think.

Flash-forward to today in 2023 and UFO and Aliens is trending all over Twitter and even on the MSM.

The full story of a fake alien invasion still hasn’t broken, but it’s coming.

I find this half-joking and probably half-serious:

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