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UK school chaplain sues after being fired, reported as terrorist for sermon questioning LGBTQ activists

‘Woke activists are eating away at the Church of England’s guts,’ said Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall, who is alleging religious discrimination


A school chaplain in the United Kingdom is taking legal action against his former employer after he says he was fired because of a 2019 sermon that told students they are entitled to make up their own minds about the claims of LGBTQ identity politics.

“I gave a sermon in chapel saying you don’t have to accept anybody’s ideology, you make up your own mind,” said Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall of his sermon, which remains available online. “On certain issues, LGBT activists and Christians are in full agreement: there should be no discrimination, no one should be attacked personally or whatever. But there are issues where there’s disagreement.”

Randall, an ordained minister in the Church of England who worked five years at Trent College in Derbyshire, England, was also reported to the government’s counterterrorism watchdog by his school and blacklisted as a “safeguarding risk” to children by his diocese because of his sermon, he told Fox News Digital in a Tuesday phone interview.

In his sermon, Randall explained to his young students, all of whom were aged 11 to 17, what the Church of England’s historical teachings are on marriage, sexuality and gender. He reminded them they are not required to embrace the claims of LGBTQ activists, and are entitled under English law to believe what they wish on such issues.

“So the school leadership took exception to that, dragged me in for an interrogation, suspended me, subsequently sacked me for gross misconduct despite being a Church of England school,” he said. “I was a Church of England minister in a Church of England act of worship, giving a sermon saying you may accept Church teaching.”…


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