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Ukraine – a Modest Roadmap

By Karen Kwiatkowski


Is there a way to resolve what has happened in and to Ukraine to the satisfaction of the major parties involved?  Supposedly the Italians offered a plan, but it’s gone nowhere.  The Ukrainian negotiators in Turkey had something on paper, but that ended abruptly.

There is a way to stop the war, and gain a better, more compact, more independent, more prosperous and more Swiss-like Ukraine, surrounded by better neighbors too.  Far from the front lines of battle, Zelensky and Biden, and the neocons and MICIMATT grifters who support them, stand in the way. They believe dead Ukrainians can help project US power – what’s left of it – eastward.

The desired end-state should be an improvement over the previous status quo. This means a Ukraine that is well-led, has free speech and rule of law, and not permeated with political and financial corruption.



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