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Ukraine False Flag Coming: Bio, Chem, or Cyber?


By Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor

If at first your false flag doesn’t succeed, what do you do? You try another false flag.The Armageddonite wing of the War Party wants a  NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine. The problem is, the Russians have already imposed their own no-fly zone. So if Russia says “nobody but us can fly over Ukraine,” and NATO then says “nobody but the US can fly over Ukraine,” what happens? Both sides start shooting down each others’ planes and bombing each others’ anti-aircraft positions. As Biden said, that’s World War III.

Nobody wants World War III, right? Wrong! Zelensky wants World War III. Congressmorons including Kinzinger, Scott, Mast, Wicker, and other Republicans want World War III. And you can bet the Ukro-Nazis who are leading the fight against Russia are positively drooling for World War III.

So how are they going to get it? Force Biden’s hand! Create an event so shocking, so horrific, that the whole world will stand up on tip-toe and howl for Putin’s blood…

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