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Ukraine’s Foreign Volunteers Are Being Told They Won’t Be Able to Leave… It’s a ‘Death Warrant’.

Foreign nationals traveling to aid Ukraine’s war effort are reportedly being duped into signing indefinite service contracts. The Ukrainian Army has denied such allegations while failing to provide evidence of military contracts stating otherwise.

As the nation’s war with Russia broke out, the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine was been formed, with people from around the globe welcomed – and encouraged – to join the fight. At the beginning of March, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced to his Telegram channel that 16,000 foreigners (the number is now estimated to be 20,000) had volunteered.

Some of the volunteers are former military personnel, while others have joined with little to no combat experience. But despite wanting to join the Ukrainian army, recruits from across the West are being turned off upon their arrival at the Polish border, with many claiming they have been unable to see contracts until they arrive in Ukraine.



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