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UK’s First Hydrogen-Electric Truck Launched

By Darren Clapich

The UK’s haulage sector has seen its fair share of news over the last few months and we’re back to tell you about the launch of the UK’s first hydrogen-electric truck. This new type of vehicle is the first hydrogen fuel, cell-supported Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) to be designed and manufactured right here in the United Kingdom.

This new 7.5-tonne HGV is the brainchild of Tevva, a scale-up business based in Tilbury, in the South East of England. It was unveiled in June of 2022 at the Warwickshire Road Transport Expo and it is said to have a range of up to 310 miles on a full charge. It’s also said to be a true zero-emissions design that will work for both urban and extra-urban companies.

The Same Refuelling Time As a Diesel HGV

In addition to offering an impressive range, hydrogen comes with the extra advantage of taking around the same time to refuel as a diesel lorry (5 to 20 minutes). Tevva has stated that the design is one that can futureproof customers, as the industry moves away from the use of fossil fuels. This will help to successfully phase out fossil fuel-powered trucks by 2040…

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