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Underhanded schemes to implicate the innocent

by A. Dru Kristenev

Politics isn’t confined to a national stage when it comes to questioning citizens who have nothing to hide. That’s the hook that a government or law enforcement agency may use to entice an individual into a situation where they lower their guard, making the assumption that being frank will protect them from unfounded accusations.

It doesn’t work that way when there is an underlying agenda. Such may occur in an investigation that has not turned up enough evidence to charge anyone with a supposed crime. It could also occur to seek or fabricate a crime that can be attached to an individual targeted for different reasons – political connections, financial investment, religious belief or simple hatred. As a rationale, hatred is founded in control issues in that the person or organization pigeonholed is viewed as a hindrance or disruptor to obtaining and/or retaining power. From this, no one is immune, including those who’ve aligned themselves with the power brokers should they become inconvenient.

Political corruption has pervaded the upper echelons of the Justice Department

It’s not only the FBI that’s devising tactics to prod individuals to turn on their acquaintances and loved ones. Tuning-in cop shows isn’t necessary to see how people can be conned and coerced by disingenuous LEO’s (unfortunately, there are some) into providing information that can be twisted and used against a friend or even oneself. The “case” against General Michael Flynn is a prime example of how politics can be a driving force to pull charges out of thin air in an attempt to sideline dissenting influence.

The tactic is known as ‘fishing.’ An official lures in a subject, implying or telling them that they aren’t a suspect or a ‘person of interest.’ The strategy is upheld by legal precedents that law enforcement has the latitude to lie to the person being interviewed in order to evoke a response that could be regarded as evidence. It is also why lawyers, as well as LEOs with integrity, will advise that a person should say nothing under these circumstances. The rule of thumb is to cooperate but volunteer nothing.

Political corruption has pervaded the upper echelons of the Justice Department and executive branch investigative forces and it has invaded local agencies as well.

On the macro scale is the unwarranted detention of more than 500 citizens who attended the vast rally promoting election integrity January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Individuals have been rounded up for as little an offense as taking selfies inside the bike rack barricades, the Capitol looming in the background. Instilling fear among political opponents is the justification for harassment and ultimately apprehending and incarcerating citizens.

In the Capitol Breach incident, hundreds of average citizens are still being hunted down by federal officers and arrested while the apparent mastermind is not being sought after for his role in the operation. He roams free while innocents, sucked-in by the welcoming arms of associates and, evidently, Capitol Police, are rotting behind bars for months, unconvicted of any crime.

In an effort to consolidate power, Congress, which now operates in the armed vacuum on Capitol Hill, is attempting to branch out, billeting officers of its police force nationwide to “investigate” possible threats to congressional members. Exporting intimidation, it’s also unconstitutional. Congress is composed of servants elected and, thus, removable from office. It is not a ruling body over the citizenry and has no jurisdiction outside of its Capitol grounds.

Local law enforcement agencies have experienced their share of shady politics, unsavory finances and individual animosity. For those who have never been confronted with misdemeanor charges (or worse) stemming from altered evidence, it is not as rare a situation as may be thought. A simple traffic ticket can and has been modified, to be polite, in order to manufacture a ‘win’ for a prosecutor. (In one instance, the culprit was caught red-handed and suffered the judge’s reprimand and who subsequently dismissed the case. This was in Los Angeles County.)

Recently, an insidious effort was made to convince victims of a horrific accident to endure polygraphs that serve no purpose except introduce uncertainty regarding their previous statements, creating opportunity to railroad a patsy. Payout of claims hang in the balance and insurers are susceptible to malfeasance to protect their bottom line. Whether that or some other motive lies behind the attempted coercion, it’s happened before and certainly will happen again. (This is a current and otherwise unreported situation that crosses state lines.)

With federal agencies bullying citizens into receiving experimental, invasive medical procedures (injections), applying pressure by going door-to-door, or ratting on family and friends for outspoken opinions deemed “dangerous” by social engineers, individuals must be circumspect. Don’t volunteer information.

However much schools and media have indoctrinated generations to believe they must accept what they are told by authorities or buckle to government agencies’ regulations, individuals need hold to the Constitution. That and that alone is the true Law of the Land. All else is transitory.


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