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Understanding Communism and Revolutionary Warfare

Understanding Communism and Revolutionary Warfare
Understanding Communism and Revolutionary Warfare


By: Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Col., USA (Ret.) 

Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny 


Guest Editorial

Those of us engaged in fighting communist insurgencies have studied revolutionary warfare for years. We have found the Social Science Departments and Political Philosophy courses available in our colleges generally inadequate to understand clandestine Marxist revolutionary groups. The inadequacy of the literature is deliberate. Marxists conceal their methods of operation.


Marxism is a social disorder that originated within the academic community. Marxists view Western Civilization at the target of their revolutionary insurrections. They want targeted populations to have access to selective knowledge provided by their promotional narrative, that includes the following:

  • Western workers are oppressed by Capitalists, who steal from their workers in Western societies.
  • To defeat the injustices of the capitalists, workers must unite and rebel.
  • Workers must destroy capitalism in a worldwide Marxist led workers revolution.
  • Workers establish a dictatorship to create a classless society in which class conflict is no more and the working class owns the means of production.
  • The product of the workers’ dictatorship is communism – those results in the workers’ paradise.
  • Heaven on earth is created by implementing the doctrine of Karl Marx and his follow revolutionaries.

Such is the Marxist story propagated for the benefit of the innocent public and fellow travelers of the West.


The reality is far different. Marxists have specific forms of revolutionary activity applicable to diverse political cultures and environments. The success of Marxists is not preordained, as they would have us believe. They have failed often in their quests to seize political power. Heaven on earth isn’t the product of a socialist Green New Deal or a communist power seizure of society.


Their quests for political power are ruthless. Secular Marxist revolutionaries demolish all forms of traditional culture to include religious worship. Crimes against Humanity result from implementing Marxist doctrine including mass murder of class enemies, widespread use of slave labor camps, subjugation and enslavement of the workers, and imposition of a totalitarian police state in which a permanent state of terror exists to thwart formation of opposition to Communist authorities.


Understanding Marxist behavior allows us to predict revolutionary putsches. Such understanding threatens communist revolutionary cadre. To avoid such threats, communists and socialists conceal their methods and activities.


Given the inadequate theory and models available in the West to understand Marxist revolutionary warfare, it has been necessary to construct conceptual frameworks to explain revolutionary warfare. Liberty Vs. Tyranny contains theory formulated in the West to clarify the activities of Marxist revolutionaries. That theory is the result of years of study, research, and combat operations. The theory formulated addresses both communist putsches, and military juntas.


Inasmuch as our discussions of revolutionary activity are hindered by the ignorance of Western observers, greater familiarity with communist/socialist adversaries as a foundation for our discussions is encouraged. In our efforts to facilitate greater understanding, counterrevolutionaries are encouraged to study surveys of revolutionary warfare. The unapologetic marketing of my work furthers that end.


Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Col., USA (Ret.)

Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny


Published and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation


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