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Unintentional atheist testimony for God is my favorite

By Peter Heck

I can’t say that I even knew this organization existed, no less had an active Twitter account they use to aggressively evangelize the world for unbelief. It’s always been one of the most curious elements of modern atheism to me – while I understand that some choose to reject the existence of God and attempt to navigate their lives suppressing the truth we all know in order to sustain the illusion of personal autonomy, I have never grasped why they would feel the need to proselytize their faith.

Christians evangelize ostensibly because they desire others have the opportunity to share in paradise. In other words, the Christian winning someone to the Lord benefits the object of their evangelism. No such benefit or promise seems to exist when dealing with a worldview that teaches an indifferent universe with no future state of rewards or punishments.

In the final analysis, Christian evangelism is predicated upon altruism while atheist evangelism is so often the product of a self-aggrandizing sense of intellectual superiority – the effort to prove they are right and everyone else is delusional.

Motivations notwithstanding, one thing that I’ve noticed about our culture’s most vocal evangelistic atheists, like Richard Dawkins, Hemant Mehta, and this so-called Atheist Forum on Twitter, is how often they unwittingly provide incredible opportunities to demonstrate the glory of God.



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