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United States Plans on Establishing New Military Base in Northeast Syria

by Jose Nino

In a report by The Cradle, the United States and its coalition partners located in northeastern Syria have plans of setting up a new military base in the areas they control in the rural parts of Raqqa.

Per local sources,  a convoy of US forces, which was made up of various armored military vehicles, arrived in Raqqa’s urban core as part of its process to build a military base in the area.

In this area, the coalition forces began transporting logistical equipment and other military gear to the rural portions of Raqqa. There was also heavy surveillance drone activity in the area.

The Cradle noted that the US Army and their coalition partners occupy at least 28 declared military sites in Syria that span the three provinces of Hasaka, Deir Ezzor, and Homs.

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