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Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated Blood Comparison – Infrared Spectroscopy and Electrical Conductivity Studies – Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD In Conjunction with Clifford Carnicom

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Image Courtesy: Unvaccinated Infrared Spectroscopy – history of mild Covid


In this article, I describe a series of experiments that were done on six unvaccinated blood samples and three vaccinated blood samples with Infrared Spectroscopy and a electrical conductivity meter. The purpose of this investigation is to begin to quantify with objective measurements what has happened to the blood of humanity since the roll out of the C19 injections. As I have described in previous posts, ribbon like structures have been found in vaccinated and unvaccinated live blood analysis at an unprecedented rate, in addition to extensive rouleaux formation and micro clotting.

Image courtesy: Unvaccinated blood with rouleaux and characteristic filament structure in post C19 shot era

Clinically, these findings have been accompanied with an undeniable accelerated aging process in the population, exhibiting symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, cardiovascular abnormalities and more. This symptoms complex has been categorized as “long Covid”. In my own clinical practice, everyone post Covid, everyone with long Covid and over the last months everyone unvaccinated coming for a live blood analysis has these structures in their blood. The source is presumed from the environment and vaccine shedding. I have suspected it to be self assembly hydrogel possibly with Carbon nanostructures and metals involved based on my background research…


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