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US Air Force Academy Instructs Cadets to Eliminate “Gender” From Vocabulary to Improve Their “Warfighting Effectiveness”

By Amber Crawford


The US Air Force Academy in Colorado has received backlash after hosting a diversity and inclusion training in which it told cadets to eliminate any and all words from their vocabulary that signify gender, such as “mom” and “dad.”

Slides from the D&I seminar gave the cadets examples of how to remove gender from their vocabulary, and effectively eliminate the entire idea of ‘gender.’ The training urges cadets to avoid saying “you guys,” but instead opt for “y’all,” “team,” “squaddies,” “everyone,” or “folks.”

Instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” they are instructed to say “partner,” and instead of “mom and dad,” they want everyone to say “caregivers,” “parents,” or “guardians.”



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