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US Congressman Himes Denies Covid Vaccine Injuries And Deaths

US Congressman Jim Himes emailed a form letter to all of the constituents who wrote to him regarding concerns over the emergency use authorization (EUA) of Covid vaccines for children aged 6 months to 5 years old, the potential for vaccine passports, and the number of adverse effects to Covid vaccines.

In the email response, Himes suggested that EUA was granted for children aged 6 months – 5 years based on the “scientific evidence available” which seems shocking since the data coming out of VAERS suggests scores of adverse effects are possible, including death. Then there’s the 9 pages of adverse effects from Pfizer’s post-marketing study that demonstrates Pfizer was well aware the vaccines caused serious adverse effects.  Why wasn’t that scientific evidence considered?

While Himes indicated that the federal government would not be implementing a vaccine passport system, he went on to suggest that states and localities “have long maintained the authority to require vaccinations under appropriate circumstances.”  He cited states requiring childhood vaccinations in order to attend school as an example, potentially leaving the door open for vaccine mandates on a state and/or local level…

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  1. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket July 20, 2022

    Even a registered democrat, like Trump was, and I still am, does not mean we can ignore what you ignore, Congressman Himes, the adverse effects from what you call vaccination like what kids have to take to go to school. No way is mRNA like smallpox vaccine and scientific testing method used. Your constituents asked a simple question and you tell them a whopper.

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