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US could stop Ukraine conflict instantly – Hungary



Washington has not explained to its allies why it wants hostilities with Russia to continue, Viktor Orban said

The US wants the conflict in Ukraine to continue and has failed to explain its reasons to NATO allies, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

He told a radio station that if Washington wished, it could stop the fighting at a moment’s notice, as Kiev is fully dependent on the West in the fight against Russia.

The Hungarian leader was interviewed by Kossuth Radio on Friday morning, after returning from the NATO summit in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. During the event, the US-led military bloc declined to extend to Kiev a roadmap for membership. Hungary has stood out among members of the alliance by consistently criticizing Western policies on the Ukraine crisis.

“If the Americans wanted it, peace would come the next morning. Why Americans don’t want that is a question that puzzles the entire world,” Orban said. “We didn’t get an answer at the NATO summit.”

At this point, “Ukraine has lost any real sovereignty,” Orban claimed, citing Kiev’s devastated economy, and heavy dependence on Western allies for funding and weaponry.

Justifying its support for Ukraine, Washington has accused Russia of launching an “unprovoked war of aggression” against Kiev. US officials have said that inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Moscow is a primary goal.

Moscow, in turn, has accused the US of triggering the crisis by ignoring Russia’s long-running concerns over NATO expansion in Europe, while fostering a regime in Kiev that is hostile to Moscow. The Kremlin perceives the conflict as part of a US-led proxy war against Russia.

Orban went on to warn that if NATO were to admit Ukraine now, it would trigger a world war. He also highlighted the risks incurred by Western states sending increasingly sophisticated military hardware to Kiev.

The Hungarian leader also accused Kiev of using moral blackmail to receive Western support, but added that he does not blame Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for acting the way he does, as he is “fighting for the survival of his people.”

The prime minister predicted that the conflict will drag on, and EU nations – including Hungary – will bear the economic cost, including high inflation…


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  1. Founders1791 Founders1791 July 14, 2023

    Putin never feared feckless NATO and uses them as an excuse for his territorial expansion. NATO won’t even fund themselves as pointed out by President Trump in 2018.

    2014 Feb 20 televised false flag incident:
    Putin announced, “to save the Ukrainian president’s life. We will have to start work to return Crimea to Russia”

    2022 Feb 22 Donbass televised false flag incidents:
    Putin announced, “The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kyiv regime”

    Russia invaded and occupied Hungary’56, Czech’68, Afgahns’79, Georgia’08, Crimea’14, Ukraine’22

    Russia threatened to invade and/or occupy Moldova’22, Romania’22, Poland ’22, Norway’22, and Sweden’22

    Despite the Biden Regime’s corruption in using this war as an excuse to ‘wash money from the American tax base to their trans national security forces’ (Assange), it does not obscure the reality that the Ukrainian people are being murdered their homes destroyed and land stolen.

  2. eojwhat eojwhat July 14, 2023

    Stop sending weapons and money to Ukraine and the war is over. I believe that is what Trump means when he says he could end the war in a day.

  3. 1776 1776 July 14, 2023

    Dear Orban,
    Please don’t use the term “Americans” as reference to those who want this war, The PEOPLE of America are dead set against it, and it is the communist REGIME that usurped control in America that wants this war. That regime will see the bloodiest civil war in history the day they try to drag our children into this mess.

  4. Viti Viti July 14, 2023

    Unfortunately our government has been corrupted, this started going light speed during the Obama administration. The federal hiring started culling out conservatives, while putting in cult members and joining with the people who only were interested in self-promotion in money and political power. You really need a program to show you who is in sink with who. On one side the are middle ground conservatives and the America first conservatives. The other side is made up of middle of the road liberals, ( they are starting to realize what has taken over their party and starting to leave). Then you have the rinos and the hardcore marxists. But when you add the federal employees to the mix you have the swamp. The leviathan will destroy any that stray from their agenda.

  5. Kruger Kruger July 14, 2023

    The Armon extermination program will continue as planned. White (male) population will continue to be reduced on schedule. Operation Sun Down is proceeding as expected.

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