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US lawmakers are pushing the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to expand cooperation with Taiwan and Israel

By Top War


The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) should expand partnerships with Israel and Taiwan to strengthen their defense industrial bases. This point of view was expressed by a group of legislators from the House of Representatives of the US Congress. According to American parliamentarians, it is necessary to establish a strategic partnership between the defense departments of the United States, Israel and Taiwan.

It is emphasized that this should include coordination on defense industry priorities and the development of dual-use technologies, as well as assistance in finding ways for research and development of startups.

Experts, commenting on the initiative of American parliamentarians, draw attention to the fact that Taipei will probably be interested in establishing such cooperation, but Israel, to put it mildly, is not interested. The fact is that Israel, even without the United States, is one of the leaders in the development of various UAVs and systems to counter them…


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