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US Military Junta Revealed—Harbinger Of Prophetic War

It’s been reported that a military junta was secretly formed by the top US general in the Pentagon in an authoritarian move to control the last US President and his government at the end of their tenure.

In an authoritarian move which seems to have usurped civilian authority going behind the back of an elected president breaking the chain of command and violating the constitutional civilian control of government.

And the reports also say the general colluded with the authoritarian government of China in the name of peace which could expose the US and the world to greater war in the future.

The Biblical prophecies foretell that the world will begin to move toward authoritarian government as world leaders will take actions in the name of peace that will actually bring the sudden destruction of great war from which they cannot escape.

Watch the video below to see how these events and conditions happening now are Biblical signs connecting to the Last Days prophecies warning we are nearing the end of this age of grace at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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