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Venezuela should spend money on food, not missiles: Colombia president

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro should spend his country’s money on food, not on missiles, Colombian President Ivan Duque said on Thursday, amid renewed verbal sparring between the neighboring countries.

Maduro late on Tuesday ordered the armed forces to be on alert for a potential attack by Colombia and announced military exercises on the border, drawing the ire of Colombia’s foreign minister, who said the exercises were a threat to regional stability.

“They shouldn’t come out bragging about missiles in the border area,” Duque told local radio in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla. “Instead of spending that money on missiles, protect the Venezuelan people, give them food.”

“It is a vile way to make fun of a hungry people, to brag, talking about missiles.”

The two countries, which share a 2,219-km (1,378-mile) border, have been frequently at odds over the past decade and do not maintain diplomatic relations.


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  1. Michael pruitt Michael pruitt September 21, 2019

    This unfortunately is what the people voted for, a socialist, communist government. They have to make the change not through us but through their determination to make change.
    It is sad what they are going through. When you get greedy and other people’s money give out you starve.

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