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Veteran Teaches Knife-Wiedling Punk a PAINFUL Lesson

 Mark Samson


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

This menace won the jackpot last week after threatening an entire South Carolina Walmart with a knife.

The reason?

He was “demanding $20.”

He ended up getting a lot more than that after Air Force veteran Demario Davis decided he had seen enough.

“Clean up in aisle 3, please!”

An employee had this to say to Fox4:

“I was at the self-checkout where I work, and the customer came in and demanded $20,” the employee told Storyful. “I saw he had a knife after him yelling demanding $20. I said ‘Oh, he has a knife’ to one of my managers who tried to confront him.”

Another shopper, later identified as veteran Demario Davis, is later captured on video striking the man in the red hoodie with a pole used for the checkout line. The man then falls to the ground, and another witness appears to take the knife from him.



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